Remembering snow days from when I was a teenager

Tree with snow in the backyard

Tree in the backyard after about 3-inches of snow.

Before I rolled out of bed this morning, I quickly checked email and Facebook on my Kindle.  I was surprised when a friend alerted her social followers to our local school system’s closing.  A glance outside, and it was no surprise as to why–snow!  I must have missed the weather report as my weekend was filled with writing and skiing.  I’m sure most people were tuned into the superbowl and missed the snow predictions as well.

How do kids today get information about school closures due to snowstorms?  My guess is that they check websites, Facebook, or get text messages from friends.  Things were a bit different in my day, I woke up to a radio alarm and listened impatiently for the announcement of school closures on the radio.  Listed in alphabetical order, I had to wait for the “Ns” for “Newtown.”  It only took an instant to hear a cancellation, switch off the alarm, and fall back to a deep sleep.

I can imagine that all the high schoolers in Newtown were as grateful for some extra sleep and a day off today as I was ~30 years ago.  I hope that they made the most of their time.  As for me, I can only report that my “adult” snow day resulted in hours of 2013 tax preparation.  Definitely not as much fun!

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