‘Tis the season for college visits

A fleeting memory now–the beautiful brick building lettered with BOTANY over the main doorway.  It was on my right-hand side as I looked out the car window.  Why didn’t I ask my parents to stop? For families with rising high school seniors, summertime can mean college visits.  Parents pack their offspring in the car and … Continue reading

Welcome to engineering school…if you’re male

It was a light-hearted reception during college freshman orientation.  More than sixty new engineering students assembled to shake hands with the professors who would teach and guide them for the next four years. “Hi!”  I looked into the eyes of the first stranger. “Welcome to _______,” he smiled. The line moved. It was a small … Continue reading

Career inspiration from Hollywood and Jimmie Smits

Money, glamour, excitement, and an office full of gorgeous co-workers–anyone want that job?  Hollywood may have more influence on career choice than anyone imagines.  Sure, viewers might understand young doctors could be drowning in debt, not all lawyers have hot bodies, and detectives have to do paperwork, but in a perfect world a TV-life could … Continue reading

Directions from a toll taker

When the green station wagon slowed to pay the toll to enter the Maine turnpike, I knew we were in need of better directions.  My dad leaned out the window with change in his hand “We want to go to ________,” he spoke in a loud voice.  The old-timer collected the money and smiled.“Well, why … Continue reading

A near-death experience for a Sony Walkman

“Cool” gadgets in high school define the “cool” kids, and nothing compared to the status symbol of having a Sony Walkman in the early 1980s.  Gen X loved jammin’ to their mix tapes on Walkmans much like millenials obsessed over their iPhones and thousand-song playlists twenty-five years later. Yet, there is always those that “have” … Continue reading

I needed to eat

The list was in the newspaper, and I knew I needed to eat.  The black and white print revealed the top ten average starting salaries for recent college graduates.  If I was going to go to college for four years, it made sense to pursue the field that would lead to the best paying job. … Continue reading

World War II German POWs on U.S. Soil

World War II German POWs on U.S. Soil

I suppose that everyone has a few “a ha!” moments in the research of their family history.  One such surprise occurred when my father related that German POWs had worked on his U.S. Army base as he trained on B-17s during World War II.  While I’ve related this story in my book, it still shocks me … Continue reading

Life in a bowl

Life in a bowl

I have a friend who told me once that fish don’t remember anything for more than a few seconds, which in his mind explained the miracle of ceramic castles in a fishbowl.  A fish could swim past the unusual object and experience the joy of “oh look, there’s a castle!” before swimming to the edge … Continue reading

It’s a “Roomy Moo” Day

It’s a “Roomy Moo” Day

The snow is finally melting as New England heads for the mud season.  What do you call a day with rain, fog, and melting snow?  My 89-year old father from Stratford, CT, recently referred to the weather as “roomy moo!”  He was so comfortable with his pronoucement that I was a little stunned I had … Continue reading