It’s a “Roomy Moo” Day

Roomy Moo Day

A gloomy New England day in mid-March. The snow is finally melting!

The snow is finally melting as New England heads for the mud season.  What do you call a day with rain, fog, and melting snow?  My 89-year old father from Stratford, CT, recently referred to the weather as “roomy moo!”  He was so comfortable with his pronoucement that I was a little stunned I had not heard this expression before.  Asking him about the term “roomy moo,” he explained that it was from a film he had seen with his parents.  His family often rented 16mm films after the war (World War II).  (It appears that the VCR did NOT usher in the movie rental business after all!).  He recalled that the film was black and white, and probably already old by the time he saw it.  The film had something to do with a foreigner on an island who used the expression “roomy moo” to describe anything that went wrong, including bad weather.  My grandfather apparently thought the film was hilarious and picked up on the expression.  It’s so strange that my father would remember  “roomy moo” after all these years!

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