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Caught in a writer’s web–painting the barn

Caught in a writer’s web–painting the barn

Having moved from California back to my hometown of Newtown, CT, a few months ago, I find myself writing a few more updates to friends than usual in the form of personal emails or Facebook posts.  My California friends want to know what I’m doing and it’s hard to connect regularly by phone when there … Continue reading

Memories to Monologues, Where Theatre Meets Authors

I had some stories read recently at the “Memory to Monologues” performance as part of the Newtown Arts Festival (  The Newtown Cultural Arts Commission ( produced the event, which was the first in the history of my small hometown, Newtown, CT.  The festival featured live performances, exhibitors, workshops, demonstrations, lectures, presentations, and food vendors, … Continue reading

Yardwork – A Lost Art?

I drove out of my street in Connecticut yesterday (Sunday).  I don’t think that I saw anyone working in their yards.  My childhood was much different.  Everyone spent the weekends mowing the yards, tending to flowers, gardening vegetables, working on their house, or taking care of farm animals.  It’s different now, the landscapers pull up … Continue reading

Maps for Research

I went to the Newtown Town Clerk’s office today.  A few of my early reviewers have suggested that I document how the land around us in Newtown was converted from farmland to housing in the 1970s.  I was able to get the maps from 1961 that showed the original homestead at the time my father … Continue reading

Hello world! A blog for memoirs!

This is my very first post.  My blog will focus on memoirs.  I wrote a few of my childhood stories for my 80-something parents as a 2011 Christmas gift.  I wanted to write the funny little stories that had been told and retold around the dinner table so many times.  I started out with the … Continue reading