Yardwork – A Lost Art?

I drove out of my street in Connecticut yesterday (Sunday).  I don’t think that I saw anyone working in their yards.  My childhood was much different.  Everyone spent the weekends mowing the yards, tending to flowers, gardening vegetables, working on their house, or taking care of farm animals.  It’s different now, the landscapers pull up with their big mowers on trailers during the week and the vegetables come from the farmer’s market.  Contractors complete the home repairs.  The open farm land that once contained cows and sheep, were converted to suburban sprawl years ago.  I’m not sure what happened to the flowers.

The American Dream of owning a home still exists, but its meaning has changed over time.  It used to be that the home was the center of our lives and weekend work, now it’s a big-screen TV, WIFI for the internet, and a bed to sleep.  Take-out anyone?

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