What Makes a Good Book Cover?

The graphic designer gave me a first look at four cover options today.  They are all terrific!  What makes a good book cover?  From my web reading, it sounds like the cover has to intrigue someone to pick up the book as well as suggest something about what the book is about.  Obviously, the cover needs to appeal to the target market segment.

I was asked to fill out a design brief for the book cover project.  The graphic designer wanted me to reference covers that I liked and disliked, as well as colors that I liked and disliked.  I spent a whole weekend on Amazon looking at book covers!  It was amazing to see the differences and I found that I really didn’t like a lot of them.  In the end, I highlighted a 1990s re-design of all the Vonnegut novels as well as a few titles by one of my favorite authors, Gunter Grass, including “The Rat” and “The Flounder.”

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