Why We Write

A friend at the California Writer’s Club suggested that I subscribe to two magazines.  His recommendations were “Poets & Writers,” and “Writer’s Digest.”  Of the two, only “Poets & Writers” was available on the Kindle, so that’s the one I picked to get started reading about writers.  It turns out that there’s a “Why We Write” column that appears to be published regularly.  The July August 2012 issue features Jennifer Baker, a writer from NYC.  Jennifer relates her experience of seeing many writers give-up writing as life just gets in the way.  Jennifer has found a way to persevere.  She writes, “We are the only ones keeping tabs on our writing, and when we fail–because we’re too tired or stressed or just need to take a break and not think–no one else is going to force us to reconsider.”  Wow.

As I enter the third re-write of my book, I’m definitely struggling to keep up with both writing and the rest of life.  I had no idea that sentences could take so long to construct.  I know that I’m not the next Dickens, Bronte, or Nobakov, but I do want to finish.  I want to have my little storybook on the shelves, so that others can laugh and think about their own funny family stories.

So, thanks Jennifer, I’ve just sat down at my computer for the evening and plan to put in some solid writing time.  Hope that you’re enjoying your writing too.

One thought on “Why We Write

  1. I’m really enjoying dipping into archives this week – so I can get a taste of those blogs that I know, but before I knew about them (if that makes sense). I love the message of this piece.

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