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The social media challenge about books!

The social media challenge about books!

I wrote last month about my boredom with the ALS ice bucket challenge, so thought that I should devote equal attention to a different social media challenge that I thoroughly enjoyed. My friend Joanne E. posted on her Facebook page, “Here’s the idea: In your status list 10 books that have stayed with you in … Continue reading

A Book List of Memoirs

This is a list of memoirs that I’ve read since I began writing my own memoir, as well as a few I’ve read before my project and a few that are still on my bookshelf.  Some are better written than others.  Recommendations welcome! Me Melvin ‘N Andy by Andy Anderson Nautilus 90 North by William … Continue reading

My Favorite Books About New England

I was thinking as I posted my old high school reading list for English class that I should start a few lists of my own.  Here’s my first attempt at a book list for one of my favorite subjects – New England!  I’ll add more titles as I think of them. Adult Fiction: The Running … Continue reading