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Caught in a writer’s web–painting the barn

Caught in a writer’s web–painting the barn

Having moved from California back to my hometown of Newtown, CT, a few months ago, I find myself writing a few more updates to friends than usual in the form of personal emails or Facebook posts.  My California friends want to know what I’m doing and it’s hard to connect regularly by phone when there … Continue reading

A Book List of Memoirs

This is a list of memoirs that I’ve read since I began writing my own memoir, as well as a few I’ve read before my project and a few that are still on my bookshelf.  Some are better written than others.  Recommendations welcome! Me Melvin ‘N Andy by Andy Anderson Nautilus 90 North by William … Continue reading

My Favorite Books About New England

I was thinking as I posted my old high school reading list for English class that I should start a few lists of my own.  Here’s my first attempt at a book list for one of my favorite subjects – New England!  I’ll add more titles as I think of them. Adult Fiction: The Running … Continue reading