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A Family Story in a Letter to an Audiologist

I’ve been cleaning out my mother’s papers since she passed away in February 2012.  She had four file cabinets plus several bookcases that were dedicated to her interests and correspondence.  She wrote letters for political causes at the national, state, and local level, collected news articles of interest, and compiled vast research in a number … Continue reading

Memoir Research: Timeline Uncertainty Clarified by a Childhood Drawing

I posted a story in April about my father witnessing Igor Sikorsky’s first helicopter flight.   My father was only a kid when he witnessed the historic flight.  The problem was that he did not remember the date correctly.  Fortunately, history recorded the event and I was able to confirm the date via normal research. … Continue reading

Non Fiction Writing: Getting the Details Right

Non Fiction Writing: Getting the Details Right

I’ve spent at least an hour a night with my 87-year father over the last ~6-years collecting his memories for my storybook.   Dad grew up in Stratford, CT, and has shared his memory of his hometown during the Great Depression and World War II.  Dad’s father, my grandfather, was friends with Igor Sikorsky, the entrepreneur … Continue reading