The Most Popular Books in Each State

Originally posted on The Scribd Blog:
Image from Last week, we partnered with Parade Magazine to give readers the scoop on what people are reading all across the country. To get the data, we looked at our library of 300,000 e-books and measured how many times a title was read by registered users in each state. Below, we’ve listed…

Judging criteria for 2014 Independent Publisher Book Awards

Many established book awards will not consider submissions from independent presses or self-published authors.  My guess is that traditional publishing is still viewed as a quality standard.  If the Big-5 publishes a book, there’s a virtual guarantee that it has been vetted, edited, and designed by professionals.  While there are many worthy self-published titles, there … Continue reading

Classic fiction generates sales

Yesterday I mused whether certain bestsellers will (or did) become classics.  See my previous post here.  I recently came across the list above in the Feb 24, 2014 edition of Publisher’s Weekly.  It reveals the year’s top selling backlist fiction titles, which includes books that have been on sale for longer than one year.  Four … Continue reading