Hurricane who???

Hurricane Arthur (aka Hurricane “Uncle Sam”) spoiled a lot of July 4th plans for New Englanders this year.  The hurricane brought torrential rainfall to Maine where I was staying in a family cabin.  Like so many others, I was housebound for the holiday. Yet, I had to laugh when a high school friend sent a … Continue reading

Handwriting stimulates the brain

We’ve all heard the debate about whether cursive should be taught in school.  Cursive has slowly been replaced by keyboarding skills and is not part of the Common Core guidelines.  Yet, according to NPR’s story Does the Fight for a Cursive Comback Miss the Point?, cursive is making a comeback in several states.  The arguments … Continue reading

Book lovers unite at Book Expo America 2014 in NYC!

Book Expo America 2014 concluded on Saturday.  This was THE event to attend in The U.S. for publishers, booksellers, librarians, authors, and book lovers.  I am not a particular lover of trade shows.  Having done enough marketing/exhibiting/keynoting prep for a big high-tech company, I’m a little burned out.  Still, I took the train into NYC … Continue reading

Why should teens read?

I was listening to NPR the other day when I heard a program titled Why Aren’t Teens Reading Like They Used To?  It seems that there is such an abundance of digital media available that kids just prefer other options.  Some still read for pleasure, but many do not.  Of course, Harry Potter and The Hunger … Continue reading

Pickin’ up pawpaws…

Ever get that astonished feeling that some of the simplest things come as a complete surprise?  When a friend of mine offered to give me some pawpaws from her tree last fall, I hesitated; what is a pawpaw? “Haven’t you heard the children’s song ‘pickin’ up pawpaws; put em in a basket?’” my friend asked.  … Continue reading

Glass negatives reveal Monroe, Connecticut, past

When Frederick Sherman, longtime resident of Monroe, Connecticut, died in 1941, he left behind thousands of glass negatives.  Most of the slides were sold or given away.  Only a few hundred were given to the Monroe Historical Society. A friend of mine recently helped to digitize and convert the photos into a short slide show.  … Continue reading

4 Helpful Websites for Writing Memoir

Originally posted on Cate Macabe:
Diana Jackson at A Selection of Reflections was kind enough to post an article I wrote about how I put This New Mountain together (and she gave it a great title, too). Visit her site to read “Writing Readable and Compelling Memoir.” If you’re looking for places to glean great writing advice…